Guaranteed & Insured Move Services

Commercial removals

Commercial properties also need help with moving. There are lots of offices, shops, and workplaces that frequently request
help with moving fragile equipment. Another thing worth mentioning is that this is one of those services where you need at
least one more person to help you out. Especially if you have to move computer servers around (which tend to weigh a lot).

We provide you with all the help you need to make moving your work desks, chairs, filing cabinets and other office equipment
as stress-free as possible.

We understand that when a company moves premises, there needs to be as short a period of downtime as possible.
You need a removal partner who is experienced in office and business moves who works in partnership with you and your team.

With years of experience of commercial moves, we helped companies of all sizes relocate to their new offices with minimal disruption to trading.

Whether it is desks and chairs; computers and servers; warehouse equipment or your valuable stock –
our removals team know how to safely pack and transport your valuable items.