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Moving tips

General Packing Tips

No one can pack your belongings with the personal interest you can provide.
Some of these may seem obvious but you would be surprised how many people forget them when they have so many other
things related to the move on their mind.
When packing always remember that the heavier an item is, the smaller the box you should use
Label each box and indicate the following: (a) Which room it should go in (b) Whether it is fragile (c)
If it should be loaded last so it will be unloaded first.
Pack your valuables separately and plan on keeping these items with you. Pack a box of essential items you will
need during and right after the trip. It may sound obvious but pack heavier items on the bottom of the box and lighter items on top.
Leave lightweight linens and clothing in their drawers. Pack extra linens, pillows and stuffed animals in large bin liners and tape closed.


Start packing several weeks before your move date, taking it one room at a time.
Begin with things you use less frequently, such as books and knick knacks.
Pack each room in separate boxes and label each box with its contents. Keep only essential items aside until the last day or two.

Don’t Overfill!

Please ensure that you do not overfill your boxes and cartons, remember that they have to be lifted.
The top and sides of each box shouldn’t bulge, nor should they cave in when closed. The removal men are fully trained but they are not supermen.

Don’t Under fill!

This may seem stupid after the previous tip but partially filled boxes may collapse if heavy items are placed on top of them.
Try to distribute your things evenly in the available boxes.

Dishes and Glassware

Wrap breakables in bubble wrap and use newspaper to fill extra spaces in boxes.

Mirrors and pictures

For large mirrors or pictures, cover both sides with bubble wrap and heavy cardboard, then bind with tape.